Here’s How Water Is an Enemy to Asphalt Paving

October 8, 2021

Water is an essential resource. It’s crucial to everyday life. But when it comes to your driveway, water can be the enemy. Rather than act as a helpful resource, it can destroy. It’s important to understand this relationship between water and driveway resurfacing to prevent damage and extend the life of your driveway.

Driveway heaving

When water penetrates the base and subgrade of your driveway, heaving can occur. This typically happens as the seasons change from winter to spring. During the winter, the water has seeped beneath the surface, where it then freezes. As it freezes, it expands. The ice pushes against the asphalt surface, causing it to raise, or heave. This heaving causes uneven surfaces, cracks and other damage to your driveway. As a result, driveway resurfacing is often needed in the spring.

Fighting the enemy

How can you avoid this damage to your driveway and protect your driveway resurfacing from future issues? You must eliminate the source of the problem: water. Of course, you can’t prevent rainfall or protect your driveway from all moisture. However, you can ensure proper drainage on your property. Appropriate drainage will displace the water so it does not seep under your asphalt and cause problems.

Start with your downspouts. These features are responsible for large volumes of water flow. They are designed to carry the water from the roof to disperse it below. Often, the downspouts pour directly onto the driveway. All of that water flows onto your pavement and is likely to accumulate in the subgrade. Once there, it is difficult for the water to drain away or evaporate, so it sits under the asphalt and freezes.

Try repositioning your downspouts to direct the flow of water away from the driveway or onto its surface rather than underneath it. The goal is to allow the driveway to shed the water quickly so it does not accumulate below it.

Don’t forget to utilize downspout extensions to your advantage. Rather than bury these extensions, use them to further direct the water away from the driveway and its subgrade, into lawn areas or plant beds.

Inspecting for issues

In addition to downspouts, other factors may be affecting the drainage on and around your driveway. Inspect your property for potential drainage issues, such as grade, landscaping and soil issues. Consult with your local paving contractor for expert input. These professionals can help you determine if you need driveway resurfacing and show you how to extend the life of the new surface once it is in place.

We know driveway resurfacing

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