Driveway Paving in Nokesville, VA

There’s no understating the value of a well-paved driveway. It makes coming and going easier, and adds value to your property. If you’re sick of driving on gravel or need your old, cragged driveway repaired, trust the experts at Paveco Inc. to tackle the job. We’re the word-of-mouth favorite for paving private driveways and pipestems in Nokesville, Catlett, Prince William County, Bristow, and Aden, VA.

We haven’t met a driveway we can’t pave—no matter the length, width or level of traffic. Rest assured our work stands up to everything from Mother Nature to everyday vehicle wear. You’ll appreciate our work years down the road, when it looks as good as the day it was paved!

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    Driveway Paving

    Make your investment in a driveway that lasts for decades! We pave asphalt driveways with a mind for longevity, considering things like sloping and drainage, soil composition and load. While inferior driveways might crack and develop potholes over time, we pave ours to prevent these problems from developing.

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    Pipestem Driveways

    Pipestems (shared driveways) are one of our specialties. We’re capable of tackling these complex projects with great attention to detail, so that each inlet is properly paved to accommodate traffic. With forethought to slope and drainage, we give shared driveways the strength they need to accommodate excessive levels of wear.

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    Private Driveways

    We pave private driveways for commercial customers across Chantilly, VA and Manassas, VA, regardless of the size of the project or complexity of the job. Our approach to private drives considers things like the load bearing demands of the asphalt, as well as traffic consistency, so your driveway holds up over time.

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    Driveway Repair

    Have an existing driveway that’s damaged? Weathering, age and wear can all take their toll, leaving cracks, potholes, crumbling, crags and more. Call us for driveway repair and driveway edging pavers, and we’ll deliver solutions that restore the safety and integrity of the surface, so you can continue driving on it with peace of mind

Enjoy a Smooth, Safe Ride

Most days start and end at the driveway. Make sure your day starts and ends smoothly, on a driveway that’s flat, pothole-free and safe. Paveco Inc. handles paving for single driveways, pipestems and private drives, as well as repairs to keep your current driveway in its best condition. Reach us today at 703-594-3773 to discuss the scope of your project and get a free estimate on our asphalt services.
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