Driveway Edging Pavers & More in Nokesville, VA

Hardscaping is a great complement to your lawn’s landscaping in Nokesville, Catlett, Prince William County, Bristow, and Aden, VA. Using pavers and other stone materials is a great way to offset the natural greenery and foliage, bringing balance to your property in a beautiful way.

At Paveco Inc., we work extensively with pavers and other hardscape materials. Our crews are artists when it comes to transforming the aesthetic and allure of your property. Whether you want a backyard path laid out or want to use stone patio pavers in Northern Virginia to build out a versatile space, we’ll bring it to life.

  • Pavers


    Let us build a path to your gazebo or deck, or wind one through your garden or to the front of your home. However long you want your walkway to be, trust our team to lay the paving stones or bricks that make it sturdy and beautiful.

  • Stone Patio Pavers


    Stone patio pavers are beautiful and can be laid to meet nearly any specification. Stone patio pavers take shape quickly and allow for numerous designs and dimensions. We have experience in laying pavers with precision.

  • Driveway Edging Pavers

    Driveway edging:

    Driveway edging pavers and stone is a great way to distinguish your driveway resurfacing and helps to control erosion issues. We work extensively as a driveway edging paver in Northern Virginia and can create a driveway aesthetic that’s beautiful and unique to your property.

  • Stone Patio Pavers

    Hardscape walls:

    Hardscape walls can be a beautiful addition to your property in any capacity—provided they’re paved properly. Our team will design and create hardscape walls that are stunning and resilient! We promise they’ll become a welcome focal point on your property.

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