Commercial Paving Services in Nokesville

commercial pavingLarge scale jobs require the oversight of experienced professionals to pave to spec. Paveco Inc. has tremendous experience when it comes to asphalt paving in Nokesville, VA, at any scale. From repairs to your asphalt parking lot to brand-new pouring and paving for curbs and gutters, the scope of our abilities includes any type of project you might be working on.

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Parking Lots, Roadways and more…

commercial paving

One of our core specialties is parking lot paving in Nokesville, VA. Our skilled crews can create your parking lot from scratch, planning and paving to meet your specifications and finishing with sealcoating and ADA-compliant striping. Or, if you have an existing parking lot that needs repairs and sectional work, count on us to restore the integrity of these areas. Our parking lot work includes:

  • New parking lot construction
  • Complete parking lot restoration
  • Sealcoating and striping
  • Curbs and gutters
  • Sectional repairs

Milling and Repaving

commercial paving

For asphalt surfaces that are damaged and need to be repaved, count on us. We have the equipment necessary to complete milling work, as well as quality repaving of an asphalt surface. Whether you need a complete removal and new paving or just work done on a specific segment of a larger surface area, we’re the team for the job. Our milling and repaving abilities include:

  • Milling and repaving
  • Edge milling and resurface paving
  • Mill-outs (remove and replace)
  • Asphalt milling and profiling
  • Asphalt repairs

Other Services

commercial paving

More than just roadways and parking lots, enlist our help for paving across numerous projects of all sizes and scope. We even specialize in projects that other companies simply can’t or won’t take on, including:

  • Pathways (jogging trails)
  • Tennis courts (play courts)

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