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How To Choose An Asphalt Contractor For Your Capital Improvements

November 27, 2023

When it comes to capital improvements, choosing the right asphalt contractor is crucial. Whether you’re planning to pave a parking lot, driveway, or any other asphalt project, hiring a reputable and experienced contractor will ensure that the job is done efficiently and to your satisfaction. To help you make an informed decision, here are some key factors to consider when selecting an asphalt contractor for your capital improvement project. 1. Research and Recommendations Before choosing an asphalt contractor, conduct thorough research to gather information about potential contractors in your area. Look for contractors who specialize in the type of project... View Article

What Questions Should A HOA Ask An Asphalt Contractor To Repave A Neighborhood?

October 31, 2023

When it comes to repaving a neighborhood, the homeowners association (HOA) has an important responsibility to ensure that the project is carried out smoothly and efficiently. One of the key factors in the success of any asphalt paving project is the choice of the contractor. It is crucial for the HOA to ask the right questions to evaluate the asphalt contractor before making a decision. Here are some important questions that the HOA should consider asking the potential asphalt contractor: 1. How much experience do you have in repaving residential neighborhoods? The experience of the asphalt contractor in similar projects... View Article

How Can I Increase The Lifespan Of My New Asphalt Driveway?

October 24, 2023

Having a new asphalt driveway adds both beauty and value to your property. However, the lifespan of your driveway depends on several factors, including the freeze/thaw cycles and the type of soil underneath the base stone. In regions where the freeze/thaw cycle is not as much of a concern, the life expectancy of your driveway can be considerably longer. In this blog post, we will explore some key strategies to increase the lifespan of your new asphalt driveway. 1. Proper Installation First and foremost, ensure that your asphalt driveway is installed correctly. This means hiring a professional and reputable paving... View Article

What Type Of Paint Is Used On Asphalt Sport Courts?

October 2, 2023

Asphalt sport courts, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and athletic tracks, require a specific type of paint that is durable, non-slip, and can withstand the harsh outdoor elements. The paint used on these types of surfaces is specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion to asphalt and offer the necessary properties for sports activities. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of paint commonly used on asphalt sport courts and their unique characteristics. 1. Acrylic Paint Acrylic paint is one of the most popular and widely used types of paint for asphalt sport courts. It is known... View Article

What Can Be Done To Preserve My Parking Lot Lines?

September 25, 2023

Parking lot lines play a crucial role in maintaining order, maximizing space utilization, and ensuring safety in parking areas. Over time, these lines can fade or become less visible due to various factors such as weather conditions, vehicle traffic, and aging. However, preserving parking lot lines is important to ensure smooth traffic flow and minimize accidents. In this blog post, we will discuss several strategies and best practices to effectively preserve your parking lot lines. 1. Quality Line Striping The first step to preserving parking lot lines is to ensure that the initial line striping is done correctly and with... View Article

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