How Long Will My Asphalt Driveway Last?

March 15, 2021

When it comes to installing a new driveway, asphalt is often a homeowner’s best bet. Compared to other materials, asphalt is more affordable, better looking and easier to install. Asphalt driveways can also last a lot longer than many other surfaces—they can last 20 to 30 years in some situations!

However, that lifespan isn’t a given. There are several factors that affect the true lifespan of your asphalt driveway. Continue reading this post from your paving contractor in Prince William County, VAto learn all of the external factors that play a role in how long your driveway lasts.

Materials used

Not all asphalt is created equal. If your contractor uses low-grade asphalt, the material is more likely to crack in adverse conditions. To ensure your driveway lasts for as long as possible, work with a reputable asphalt contractor who only uses the highest-grade asphalt on the market.

Installation methods

Designing a driveway requires careful calculations and precise measurements to ensure the slope is perfect and the ground is compact. If you hire a contractor who cuts corners or rushes through the job, your driveway won’t stand a chance against the elements—especially during the freeze/thaw cycle. Vet your driveway contractor to ensure they follow all recommended procedures for driveway installation.


The sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays can have a devastating impact on an asphalt driveway. Over time, those UV rays break down the binding, sand and rocks in the asphalt. You can’t stop the sun from beating down, but you can protect your asphalt by having it sealcoated once every few years. This process provides a protective layer that guards against those penetrating UV rays.


Moisture is your driveway’s other big enemy, primarily in the winter. When water seeps into the pavement, it will freeze and expand overnight when the temperatures drop below freezing. This process creates small cracks that will only grow larger and wider as time goes on. In addition to sealcoating your driveway every few years, we recommend calling a paving contractor to fix cracks as soon as you notice them.


If you only drive and park passenger vehicles on your asphalt driveway, you shouldn’t have much trouble with wear and tear. However, if you plan on driving and parking RVs, ATVs, boat trailers or other heavy-duty vehicles on the pavement, it might not last as long. Talk to your paving contractor in Prince William County, VAabout which vehicles will be parked on your asphalt to ensure the surface is ready to handle excess weight.


We mentioned sealcoating and fixing cracks earlier, but these maintenance items are essential in prolonging the lifespan of your driveway! Your contractor can help you come up with a maintenance plan for your pavement to ensure it lasts for decades without needing to be replaced.

Hire Paveco Inc. to ensure your driveway stands the test of time

For a driveway that lasts 30 years or more, be sure to hire our professionals at Paveco Inc. We’re a Class-A State Licensed paving contractor in Nokesville, VA, so you can trust that we provide top-notch services for all of our commercial and residential customers. Give us a call today to get a free estimate for your new asphalt driveway.

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