The Top Five Benefits of Asphalt

February 15, 2020

From concrete to pavers or even gravel, you have a number of different options when you’re looking to install a new driveway. However, we think asphalt is your best bet! This post will cover some of the many pros of asphalt in Prince William County, VA:

  • Durable: From heavy vehicles parking on it to nasty weather from Mother Nature, your driveway will take a beating in the coming years. Luckily, asphalt is up to the challenge! With professional installation and occasional sealcoating, asphalt can withstand anything that comes its way.
  • Low cure time: Unlike concrete, which needs to set for a week before being used, asphalt is ready to go almost immediately. Asphalt only needs a few hours to set before you can walk, drive or park on it.
  • Cost effective: Nobody wants to overpay for a driveway. Luckily, that’s not an issue with asphalt! One of the top pros of asphalt in Prince William County, VA is that it costs as little as $2 per square foot. Compare that to concrete, which can be $10 per square foot, and the choice is clear: go with asphalt!
  • Eco friendly: Anyone who’s environmentally conscious should give some serious thought to installing an asphalt driveway, as it’s 100 percent recyclable. Believe it or not, the asphalt industry reuses and recycles nearly 100 million tons of the material each year!
  • Long lasting: When you choose asphalt for your driveway, you can rest easy knowing that you shouldn’t need to replace it anytime soon. Assuming it’s properly cared for, you can expect your asphalt driveway to last for up to 20 years!

Is it time for a new driveway?

Though asphalt lasts for quite a while, it will eventually need to be resurfaced. Here are a few of the signs that it’s time to install a new asphalt driveway:

  • Cracks: Compression from vehicles along with freezing and thawing cycles lead to crack formation over time. Though these cracks start small, they soon grow longer and wider. Patching up cracks as they appear will work for a while, but you’ll want to consider resurfacing the asphalt if your driveway is full of patches.
  • Stains: If it’s sealcoated every few years, asphalt is quite resistant to stains from oil and other vehicle fluids—that’s one of the benefits of asphalt in Prince William County, VA! However, those stains can take a toll on the pavement. On top of looking bad, vehicle fluids also erode the pavement over time. If you’ve noticed a ton of stains all across your driveway, it’s time to have it resurfaced.
  • Faded appearance: That dark, rich asphalt color won’t last forever. The sun’s rays combined with rain and other weather conditions will eventually turn your driveway into a pale gray color. If that’s the case, have it resurfaced! Repaving will return your driveway to its attractive original appearance.

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s a great time to install a new driveway! Give Paveco Inc. a call today to get a quote for new driveway paving or to learn more about the benefits of asphalt in Prince William County, VA.

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