Signs That You Have a Poor Drainage System

January 15, 2020

When installing a new driveway, asphalt contractors need to ensure that any water will flow from the top of the surface down to the street level. If not, there can be major consequences for both the asphalt driveway and the house behind or next to it. This post will teach you a few of the signs of poor drainage systems in Prince William County, VA and how the situation can be corrected:

  • Pooling water: Small puddles sitting on the asphalt after a rainstorm are probably no big deal, right? Think again! Any pooling water will eventually degrade the surface, leading to unsightly and potentially harmful potholes. If you notice puddles sitting on your driveway after a rainstorm, we recommend contacting an asphalt contractor for assistance.
  • Rocks and sand: Even in the best conditions, an asphalt driveway will begin to erode over time. However, if the drainage system beneath the driveway isn’t set up correctly, the asphalt will start to fall apart sooner rather than later. You may notice rocks and sand sitting on top of the surface, or there may even be crumbling bits of asphalt left over from damaging rainwater.
  • Foundation issues: The problems from poor drainage don’t begin and end with the driveway. If the land isn’t graded or if a drainage system isn’t put in place, the foundation of a home may suffer. Constant water collecting around the base of a house will eventually break down the concrete foundation, necessitating significant repairs.
  • An inexperienced team installed it: You may be in trouble from day one if you hire a novice contractor to install your driveway. Experienced pros, like our team at Paveco Inc., know all of the proper measures to take to ensure that each driveway has a perfect drainage system in place.

What’s the solution?

You clearly can’t go on living with a poor drainage system in Prince William County, VA, so you’ll need to hire an asphalt contractor to perform one of the jobs below:

  • Install a driveway drain: The best way to combat any drainage problems is by setting up a trench drain in the middle of the driveway. Instead of flowing back towards your home, a trench drain will collect any excess rainwater and let it go back to the city sewer system. A proper drain also has a metal grate on top that prevents any debris from clogging up the drain.
  • Dig landscaping swales: Another option is to dig landscaping swales on either side of the driveway. These shallow trenches allow water to flow off the side of the asphalt instead of pooling up in the middle.
  • Reinstall the driveway: If all else fails, you may need to scrap the existing driveway and start fresh. Though this is the most expensive option, getting a brand-new driveway better ensures that you won’t have any drainage issues in the future.

If you’re the victim of a poor drainage system in Prince William County, VA, be sure to call our team. Whether we need to install drains or replace your driveway, Paveco Inc. is your go-to choice for all of your residential paving needs.

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