Have Asphalt Technologies Changed in Recent Years?

November 14, 2022

In all facets of life, changes in circumstances require changes in technology. The paving industry is no different. Innovative paving technology emerged because of circumstantial changes that caused the need for longer-lasting roadways, smoother roads, and eco-friendly processes. These are some of the innovations that have come forth and how asphalt technologies have changed in recent years:

Pavement Product for Roads Is Different

One thing that has been changing over the past decades is the mix used for creating pavements. It used to be a plain vanilla substance, but manufacturers have changed the mixes due to increasing demand for eco-friendly products. The newest compounds are specially designed to last longer and withstand all the stresses of driving. They are also made to adapt to various climate changes, load variations, etc. This new generation of adapted mixes has been tested in sophisticated facilities and stands up quite well. 

Machines Use More Technology for Efficiency

The equipment used for paving roads is now more equipped with advanced technology that makes processes faster and more effective. For example, trucks now use GPS navigation. Satellite systems are also being used along with infrared cameras to monitor the temperatures of the asphalt. Analysts use the information to make real-time decisions and to store it for future analysis. It helps to develop more valuable equipment and strategize more effective work processes. 

Thermal Technologies Are More Prevalent

Thermal technologies are being used more frequently in the latest processes. These technologies monitor lay-down temperatures and help contractors solve thermal segregation problems.

Compaction Is Now a Priority

Compaction and compression are more of a priority now than in previous times. Therefore, providers are using intelligent compaction more frequently. This technology uses vibratory rollers with advanced technology.

These rollers have features such as feedback control, system-based mapping, and a measurement system integrated into them. These special technologies reduce the cost of the project implementation and ensure that the pavement lasts much longer after it’s finished being perfected. 

The Use of Inset and Offest Paving Machines Grew

The use of inset and offset paving machines is another element of the process that has changed over the years. Providers use both methods to increase the integrity of each project. The inset pavers are cost-effective equipment that can help create large concrete pavement sizes with widths of up to 40 feet. 

Texture-curing machines have changed over the years as well. They use electric over hydraulic steering systems and offer smooth operation and extremely accurate texturing. 

Offset pavers are better at shaping pavements that will be used as curbs, gutters, narrow paths, etc. 

All these technologies and more are in place to create bigger and better roadways and make the work much easier for the people performing it. The future will bring even more effective and easy processes so that society can have stable roads and more reliable pathways to their destinations. 

You’re now aware of some of the technologies that have changed regarding pavements and asphalt. New innovations will continue to come forth frequently, making the work more efficient and helpful for everyone involved. 

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