Is It Time To Patch, or Replace My Driveway?

July 18, 2022

Your driveway plays two major roles: style and function. A driveway in disrepair definitely lacks style, while a well-maintained one can boost your curb appeal. Plus, it offers space for parking, a smooth surface for riding bikes or playing basketball, and passage into your garage. 

It’s difficult to decide between replacing and patching your driveway when it gets damaged. Both can be costly, so it’s important to research carefully to determine the best solution. Here are some things to note: 

The Age of Your Driveway

Most driveways, concrete or asphalt, are likely to last for about 25 years. If your driveway is almost hitting the 20-year mark, it would be best to replace it. But that doesn’t mean you’ve to replace it. Patching your driveway can be an option, provided the damage doesn’t ruin its integrity. 

The Condition of Your Driveway

If you notice that your driveway isn’t in the best shape, replacing it can be a better idea. Your driveway can be damaged after long exposure to ice, salt, heat, snow, and pressure of vehicles. Patching your driveway can eliminate potential or existing problems. But patching old asphalt might cause more issues, and you’ll likely have to repair it again. Replacing it makes a lot more sense! 

Drainage Issues

A well-maintained driveway won’t be affected by water. But you’re likely to have drainage issues if you notice rainwater running down the middle of your driveway. If left unfixed, this can weaken your driveway surface and contribute to cracking or even potholes. In case this happens, patching can be the best solution. You can also install strip drains or replace your drainage piping to help drain water from the driveway.

Resurfacing a Driveway

You’ll want to patch your driveway, especially if you’ve got a few small holes or cracks. But it’s time to resurface if you have larger cracks or more than a quarter of your driver is affected. Here are the pros and cons of resurfacing a driveway:


Replacing an asphalt driveway can cost about $20 per square foot. While repairing one might cost about $8 per square foot. But resurfacing is an economical option compared to replacing your driveway. It will also add about ten years of life to your driveway. 


This isn’t a DIY project. You’ll need to hire an expert for driveway resurfacing.    

Replacing a Driveway

Replacing your driveway is the best option for driveways with a lot of damage like pits, potholes, or deep cracks. But this option costs more than resurfacing or patching. Here are the pros and cons of replacing your driveway: 


Replacing the driveway is the best solution to fix large potholes, cracks, and other extensive driveway damage. 


Replacing the driveway is the most expensive solution. Replacing an asphalt driveway can cost about $20 per square foot, while the cost to replace a concrete driveway is approximately $7,000. 

Call the Driveway Professionals

Take care of your driveway to help prevent safety hazards and boost your house’s curb appeal. Potholes, cracks and uneven pavement might cause falls, injuries, and trips. If you need assistance with patching or repairing your driveway, Paveco Inc. can give you a hand. Contact us today, and let’s do a makeover!

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