How to Avoid Asphalt Paving Scams

January 5, 2021

It’s understandable to be concerned about getting scammed when you’re working with a new contractor. While the vast majority of contractors are reliable, hard-working people who care about the quality of their work and the reputation of their businesses, a few bad apples can make people wary about working with any of them. And the unfortunate reality is that there are indeed some paving contractors in Fairfax County,VAwho are out to get your money while doing as little work as possible.

The good news is that there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of by one of these scammers. Here’s a quick overview of a few simple things you can do.

Do your due diligence before hiring someone

Before you bring in a contractor to handle a paving job, make sure you’ve done plenty of research into the contractor. They should have a visible online presence, including a website and perhaps some social media pages. You should also be able to find some reviews of their services on sites like Google or Yelp.

Be suspicious of contractors that go door-to-door to ask if you need repair work. Be especially suspicious of contractors who ask you to pay cash, or who say they can use “leftover asphalt” from a nearby job to pave your driveway at a low rate. For one thing, this is usually a scam tactic to get cheap cash. And for another, any asphalt left over from another job will be too cool for paving.

Whenever possible, get references of actual customers you can call to learn more about a particular paving contractor’s work and reputation.

Get everything in writing

To prevent yourself from being scammed, make sure you get all offers and agreements in writing. A contractor that does not provide you with a written contract outlining the responsibilities of both parties is not to be trusted.

You should also get written information about the types of materials they use, including the asphalt and the sealer. This information should be from the manufacturer of those products.

By getting this information, you’ll be able to make a well-educated decision about your product—and any reputable contractor should want their customers to be well educated.

Watch for red flags

Any reputable paving contractor should be proud of their work and brand. They should be happy to display their logo on their vehicles and equipment, and should include their business’s name and contact information in any advertisements they take out or materials they hand out.

Consider calling the Better Business Bureau if you’re unfamiliar with the contractor or have any reason to suspect they might not be on the up and up. In addition, avoid working with any contractor that does not have insurance—ask for a current certificate of insurance to make sure the work is protected.

For more information about how you can avoid some common asphalt paving scams in Nokesville, VA, contact Paveco Inc. today to speak with a trustworthy and reliable paving contractor.

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