Summer Is the Best Season to Do Asphalt Paving

With summer coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about any paving projects that might be on your to-do list. Summer is the best season to lay asphalt with the help of a paving contractor in Catlett, VA. The heat helps the asphalt set and cure better, so you’ll get sturdy, durable pavement that looks great, too. Read on to learn more about why summer is the best season for asphalt paving projects.

Slower to harden

When the weather is hot, it takes asphalt a lot longer to set and harden. That’s a good thing—even though it means your customers or your household members might have to park elsewhere for a while. When the asphalt stays warmer, that means it’s easier to work with. Your paving contractors can take their time to get it done right, and use their equipment to smooth and flatten the pavement. You’re more likely to get flawless pavement when it’s laid in the summer.

Summertime means more time to work

In addition to having more time before the asphalt sets, summertime means there are more daylight hours to work. That’s especially good, because asphalt requires a lot of work that has to be done by hand. The surface has to be raked and smoothed by an actual human, not a machine, especially when you’re working in tight spaces. Steamrollers might not be able to come in and flatten the asphalt, so your paving contractors will have to do it by hand.

Luckily, the extended daylight hours make this easier. A lot of paving contractors charge higher costs for nighttime work, which is sometimes inevitable in the winter.

Better stability and durability

The hot temperatures and extended daylight encourage better stability and durability. Hot summer temperatures not only make it easier to lay the asphalt, but they also guarantee a more uniform consistency. There are fewer air bubbles, which means it has greater structural integrity.

When asphalt in Catlett, VA has cracks or air bubbles, water can seep into the pavement. In the winter, that water will freeze and expand, which can deepen cracks and create potholes. If there are air bubbles in the asphalt, that will exacerbate the damage. Therefore, it’s best to lay asphalt in the summertime—the smooth, uniform paving ensures that it’ll stand up to freezing winter weather.

A great time for sealcoating, too

If you need to seal your asphalt, summer’s the best time to get that done as well. Sealcoating needs temperatures of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can’t rain during the 24-hour sealcoating and curing process. Not only are these conditions more likely during the summer, but warm asphalt also absorbs the sealcoating a lot better than it would in the wintertime.

Are you ready to get your summer paving projects done? Paveco Inc. is an asphalt paving contractor in Catlett, VA. Call us today to discuss the best time for your paving projects and book your appointment. We look forward to assisting you soon!