September 23, 2020 Hernan Molano

"very friendly and profesional . Finished ahead of time. "Two days earlier ""
May 6, 2020 Ruth Garavalia

"We had Paveco redo our driveway last week. It is a fairly long driveway and had lots of age damage that needed to be repaired as part of the repaving. They did an exceptional job. Very professional and thorough. We are so very happy with the new driveway. We would highly recommend them!"
May 9, 2019 Steve Morgan

"Rick came in under several other bids and was able to knock my driveway out within the week.__Steve Morgan"
June 20, 2018 James Coffman

"I hired Rick George, the owner, and Paveco, Inc to break up and remove the old asphalt and re-pave my 600 foot driveway and circle. Also included in the job was straightening a 75 foot section where it had impinged on my neighbor’s property. This involved building up and reinforcing the edge of a bank where the straightened driveway would have otherwise been too close to the edge. They also added two gravel parking places accessed via the circle so that I would no longer have to park a car in the circle itself, which had kind of defeated its purpose. The driveway is shaped sort of like a backwards “P”. The job involved several challenges. Low hanging overhead wires above the main driveway prevented the dump trucks from being able to tilt up to re-fill the paving machine while paving in that area, and tight corners prevented access by the dump trucks to the circle altogether. The result of these access restrictions was that it kept the dump trucks from moving in concert with the paving machine for most of the job. Rather, the job had to be done by moving the paving machine itself back and forth between the dump truck and the place being paved. Because of this there was a “joint” (where paving was started and stopped) every forty feet or so where the flow of the paving machine was interrupted in order to move the machine to the dump truck to re-fill it with asphalt. Also, because of the circle, it was impossible to avoid a joint at the point where the paving process began. In spite of these challenges, however, the joints are virtually invisible. I watched the whole process and I observed the extra effort they put into eliminating any joint marks, making it look like it was done in one continuous operation. I was very pleased with the outcome. The six-man crew was very skilled and they worked together like a fine tuned machine. I found them through Angie’s List where they were at or near the top of the list. The icing on the cake was that, although it was not the only reason I hired them, they were also the low bidder._Jim C._Annandale"
May 29, 2018 Lisa J. Hunter

"We contacted Paveco to come and do patch work for a section of our driveway. Joshua did an exceptional job and we were pleased. We noticed some staining on the other section of the driveway after they left. We contacted Christine and the Paveco staff who were willing to come out and "make it right". Although, they do not believe it was from workmanship but from another previous contractor that we had used, their willingness to "fix it" was so appreciated. We are selling our home and with the Open House being days away, the stress that i was experiencing was dissolved by Paveco. Thank you Paveco for caring and going above and beyond to make sure that we were a satisfied customer. i would recommend this company. "

Paveco Inc.